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The Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database

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There are now 5192 different models in the database.

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Site news
BM Audio Labs
11 May 04 -Car models from BM Audio Labs added
7 May 04 -The Dayton series from Parts Express are being updated
New download
13 Mar 04 -New simpler way to download data from the site. We hope you like it.
13 Mar 04 -Orion car woofers and car full ranges added.
Phoenix Gold
13 Mar 04 -Car woofers and speaker from Phoenix Gold added.
12 Mar 04 -Professional PA and studio monitor speakers from Volt added.
12 Mar 04 -Replicas of vintage Jensen Guitar speakers and also new models in the same tradition. Now made by Sica.
12 Mar 04 -PA, Hifi and car models from Italian Sica have been added.
27 Feb 04 -Data for hifi woofers and tweeters from Danish Logic have been added.
25 Feb 04 -PA drivers from now discontinued Gauss have been added.
JL Audio
24 Feb 04 -A number of JL Audio models added.
24 Feb 04 -Car and hifi woofers from Scandinavian distributor brand MDS added.
19 Feb 04 -High end tweeters from Hiquphon, a highly specialized Danish company that only makes 0,75" tweeters in three models.
19 Feb 04 -Data for the wide range of Cadence car woofers updated
18 Feb 04 -Data for vintage Tannoy full range coaxials published.
17 Feb 04 -Car subwoofers from MTX, a major car woofer manufacturer, added
16 Feb 04 -2004 model news added. Among them 17 new guitar amp speaker models.
15 Feb 04 -Data for Swan woofers, wide ranges and tweeters added
14 Feb 04 -Zomax PA woofers and compression horn drivers added.
4 Feb 04 -PA mids, woofers, compression horn drivers from D.A.S. added
Tang Band
3 Feb 04 -Woofers, tweeters, ceiling speakers and wide ranges from Tang Band were added.
Data download
31 Jan 04 -A new data download function is now up and running. You can download tables with your selection of data, in different formats.
21 Jan 04 -The Visaton range has been updated for 2004.
Better search filters
18 Jan 04 -Better search options for our database were introduced today.
16 Jan 04 -Vintage style and more modern versions of Jensen guitar speakers added.
16 Jan 04 -Earthquake car subs added
Planet Audio
11 Jan 04 -Car subs from Planet Audio added.
10 Jan 04 -Woofers, coaxials and compression horn drivers for PA from B&C added
8 Jan 04 -Beyma PA and hifi / studio woofers updated.
8 Jan 04 -HiFi tweeters, mids and woofers from Danish Vifa have been updated.
Precision Devices
7 Jan 04 -Precision Devices PA drivers added.
31 Dec 03 -High end hifi tweeters, mids and woofers from Scan-Speak updated.
JL Audio
29 Dec 03 -Car woofers from JL Audio added.
26 Dec 03 -Radian PA woofers and compression horn drivers added.
25 Dec 03 -Data for Danish brand Peerless Hifi, car and PA drivers updated
RCF Precision
24 Dec 03 -RCF Precision Pro and PA drivers updated.
24 Dec 03 -Data for Celestion guitar drivers and pro PA added.
23 Dec 03 -PA/DJ, car and home Hifi basses from Bumper, USA, added.
22 Dec 03 -Data for Eminence Legend series of guitar loudspeakers added.
21 Dec 03 -Data added for Babb, USA, Waterproof full ranges for car, marine and HiFi use.
21 Dec 03 -Peavey Pro PA and guitar loudspeakers updated
21 Dec 03 -Davis hifi and car speakers added.
Eighteen Sound
20 Dec 03 -Professional PA woofers, mids and horn drivers from Eighteen Sound added
19 Dec 03 -Dynaudio car drivers added
New sort options
18 Dec 03 -Now you can extract driver data by categories like mids, tweeters, horn drivers, car subs, PA woofers etc.
15 Dec 03 -Data added for Aura woofers and small specialist full ranges, all with neodymium magnets.
14 Dec 03 -SPL PRO PA speakers from Argentina added.
Mobile Authority
13 Dec 03 -Mobile Authority and Thump car woofers added
3 Dec 03 -Data for Kicker car subwoofers updated. Includes massive 5000W RMS 18" model.
29 Nov 03 -Data for Audes HiFi drivers updated
28 Nov 03 -We have made an update of Eminence PA elements.
Supravox drivers
25 Nov 03 -Data for Supravox high end full range and wide range drivers added.
Audax update
24 Nov 03 -Our data for Audax has been updated.
22 Nov 03 -Car subs from Rockford Fosgate added
21 Nov 03 -Compression horn drivers added.
19 Nov 03 -Data for JBL pro PA subs and compression drivers, music instrument speakers refreshed.
12 Nov 03 -The whole range of Atomic car subs / woofers have been added.
11 Nov 03 -We have have added the current range of Selenium PA loudspeakers do Brasil. Horn drivers and car speakers are coming soon.
5 Nov 03 -Data is now available in UniBox format. See the Notice Board for details.
26 Oct 03 -Current range of Electro-Voice PA bass and compression horn drivers added.
Alpine car subs
25 Oct 03 -Data for current range of Alpine car subs was added.
25 Oct 03 -Car speakers from Beyma updated.
Cerwin-Vega subs
24 Oct 03 -Data on Cerwin-Vega car subs has been brought up to date.
22 Oct 03 -Data for Morel basses, a wide range of tweeters and car speakers has been brought up to date.
Pioneer TAD
21 Oct 03 -Data for PA subs and compression drivers from TAD, Pioneers pro PA brand, were added.
Audio Technology
20 Oct 03 -Drivers form Danish quality HiFi makers Audio Technology were added.
McCauley updated
20 Oct 03 -Data on McCauley professional subs, mids and compression drivers have been updated.
Focal drivers
18 Oct 03 -Data on the current range of quality loudspeakers from Focal have been updated.
Fostex update
18 Oct 03 -An update of Fostex drivers is ongoing. Fostex are well known for the full range drivers, but also make tweeters, and woofers up to a 31,5" megabass.
Bandor drivers
15 Oct 03 -Data for drivers from Bandor added. They are a small company, producing speciality high quality aluminium cone HiFi drivers, including a 2" full range.
Thiel drivers
15 Oct 03 -Loudspeakers from Thiel have been added. They are well known for their ceramic membrane loudspeakers. Now also diamond! membrane tweeters.
Peavey drivers
14 Oct 03 -Some Peavey PA drivers added and updated.
Adire Audio
13 Oct 03 -High end Subs from Adire Audio added
Lowther drivers
12 Oct 03 -Data for Lowther high end HiFi full range coaxials have been added.
7 Oct 03 -Data for car woofers from Soundstream were added
Peerless PA
1 Oct 03 -Data for new Peerless SLS PA series added to the database
New ATC drivers
30 Sep 03 -31 drivers from ATC added to the database
Frequency data
26 Sep 03 -Frequency domain data, for SPL, impedance and phase added. Visaton drivers first out.
Visaton drivers
23 Sep 03 -Drivers from German Visaton added
21 Sep 03 -SEAS driver data updated

Loudspeaker market overview and technical reference

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The database contains data on loudspeaker elements, useful to both audio Pros and DIY enthusiast.

The site uses Java Script


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One possibility is to move the site into our main site www.41hz.com or a sub-domain, and set it up so that members of our forum can maintain and update the content.

Another, less likely possibility, is to set up a new site here with its own community.

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Loudspeaker manufacturers

Donate some hardware or buy announcement space here on the site and we will pass this on as an incentive to anyone interested in maintaining the loudspeaker database. The site has visits from hundreds of loudspeaker builders from all over the world every day.

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June 2010

The site is named after two Australian pioneers, A.N. Thiele and R.H. Small, who defined the Thiele-Small parameters, also known as TS parameters, around 1960-70. However, the site is by no means limited to Thiele-Small parameters; it also contains a lot of other information.


About this site:

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Someone is looking for data on the following drivers. Please send us any data you may have.
M.N.C SpiderShoxX 12" sub. Product code: 35332. But this sub is not 2x4 Ohm. It's 2x2 Ohm
TS parameters for Audax 150mm square LF unit HD15JSP, thanks
car speaker JBL cs-5
Professional 08-1221
profesional 08-1221
accuton C2-77
GRUNDIG 7048-034 60-85 ALN5
TS info on TOA -38SD 15" woofer
4" woofer used in Optimus 7 Pro from Radio Shack
seas tweeter 87H
Post your request

Sooner or later... Our to-do list.

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This site was started in september 2003 and is under development. Always!
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